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Qualitative Research – from Boomers to Gen Z and B2B:

Strategy, Positioning, Branding

We get started at the beginning, using consumer insight to inform smart strategies, positioning and branding.

Advertising, Communication, Packaging

This is our “jam!” – where we started in the business. We understand the importance of getting at the “truth” of communication.

New Products

Whether a line extension or a true innovation, we use insights to explore the edges and depth of what makes a product into a brand.

Concept Evaluation

Embracing many forms of stimulus, our concept evaluation process uses our proprietary and trademarked “4C’s of Truth” to ensure the idea is resonating.

Brand Naming

Again, returning to the essence of the strategy, the right name is driven by consumer perceptions and insights.

Store Menu/Design

Our depth of experience in QSR has contributed to a plethora of successful menu and store re-designs.

How We Work

We provide a wide scope of effective and creative qualitative methodologies:

Traditional focus groups and individual interviews
Ethnographies of all kinds
Mobile “in the moment” capture

The Truth Revue!

You’ve Seen Our Insights at Work

Our Proprietary Methodology

The 4Cs of Truth in Communications is a proven and highly successful, trademarked approach to eliciting and evaluating consumer feedback to stimulus.  It specifically measures


Do they GET the message?


Does it SPEAK to them personally?


Does it MAKE SENSE to them?


Does it EXCITE and MOTIVATE them?

The success of “The 4Cs” rests on a custom-designed set of objective-based questions to get at each “C”.

How We Work

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