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Consumer Truth® Ltd is an independent marketing consulting and consumer research company helmed by Isabelle Albanese and Ken Quaas.

For more than 17 years, Consumer Truth has helped leading companies like AT&T, Arby’s, ConAgra, Dunkin’ Donuts, Estee Lauder, Sargento, Staples, Timberland and Unilever effectively position and market their famous brands, launch successful new ones and deliver powerful marketing communications.

QRCA Advance Status:  Dedicated to professional development and continuing education, the Qualitative Research Consultants Association has awarded Isabelle Advance Status for her participation in conferences, online learning and chapter meetings for the 2018-2019 calendar years.  This is the highest status awarded to active members.



Isabelle Albanese

President & Founder - Consumer Insights Trail Blazer & Truth-Sayer


Ken Quaas

Co-President, Brand Builder, Consumer Whisperer


Valerie Mandarino

Project Manager and Warrior of Organization


Objective-Based Planning & Partnership

Truth Discovery™

Marketable Outcomes

What our clients say

Isabelle is a top-shelf qualitative researcher – certainly one of the best in the business. She is insightful, responsive and flexible. Her talents in the area of marketing communications are particularly notable. Overall, she is a highly valued marketing partner and fun to work with, as well."

Geoff Dorflinger Sr. Director, Consumer Insights - Arby’s Restaurant Group

Ken and I recently worked together on an extensive project which spanned over 6 months and involved a broad cross-functional team. Ken took the lead position, framing the scheduling, content, collateral, and conducting in-depth focus groups and on-line bulletin board qualitative for each of five journeys. His diligence, patient and persistent pursuit to learn our business, spirited demeanor, innovative thinking and over 20 years of face-to-face interviewing experience has brought us to a level of learning and customer knowledge never previously gathered at our company."

Peter T. Swaim Sr. Manager, Global Customer Insights - Staples, Inc.

Truth Revue

The 4Cs of Truth in Communication®

Comprehension. Connection. Credibility. Contagiousness. Our proprietary methodology and “pocket tool” that takes the mystery out of discovering what makes communication effective.

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Specialty Qualitative

From in-home ethnography and in-store shop-alongs to “in-the-moment” mobile research, about one in four of the projects we typically do involve these up-close and personal “specialty” in-depths.

Online Qualitative

We use online qualitative to reach consumers quickly, efficiently and across broad geographies. This is especially effective for doing multiple IDIs all at once. Clients can“observe” and ask questions from the “virtual backroom”.


Exactly what the label says – this methodology combines qualitative and quantitative methodologies to get both the “numbers” (e.g. PI, brand relevance, menu item selection, value perception, etc.) and the in-depth probes in the time it takes to finish a qual project.

Classic Quant
(e.g. surveys, conjoint studies, etc.)

Some clients like surveys too. Sometimes in the absolute – but mostly in combination with qualitative methodology. The quant validates qualitative learning. Qualitative insight helps make the "numbers talk."

Mobile Research

Everything is mobile and so is consumer research. Self-conducted consumer interviews enable “on-the-fly” capture and real-time recording of on-site observations, feelings, thoughts and motivations (verbatim transcripts are accessible). Especially useful for retail clients.

Effective communication has a smart and simple secret weapon!

Read all about our handy little model for identifying, evaluating and presenting stand-out effective communication. “The 4Cs of Truth in Communications®” presents, in an easy-to-digest format, a fool-proof way for recognizing effective communication. No matter the stimuli – from traditional advertising, speeches, package graphics, product concepts, logos, menu boards (even email!) – applying “The 4Cs” will help you identify if your message rocks or if it’s likely to sink like one!


The 4Cs framework is startling in its simplicity. That of course, is the power. It is easy to remember and easy to use. The 4Cs framework can lead to better creative executions and better creative executions will lead to stronger business results.”

Tim Calkins, Clinical Professor of Marketing at Northwestern University’s Kellogg’s School of Management

An easy guide on how to assess marketing communications efforts,”

Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA), January 5, 2008

Media Appearances, Press and Published Articles

Media Appearances

Isabelle has appeared on television (ABC TV Chicago, Fox Business News), radio (The Joey Reynolds Show/WOR-NY) and Internet talk shows (Women for Hire; That Marketing Show) talking about “The 4Cs” of effective communication.

She has given countless speeches at industry and client conferences and published more than 20 articles on effective communications and discovering a brand’s “Truth”.

On February 7, 2011. Isabelle appeared on the ABC-Chicago Channel 7 morning news (as seen on the left) show for the 4th consecutive year to review Superbowl advertising effectiveness. Contact us for a copy of the televised segment.

More information

Yes, we manage international research projects, too. We have cultivated a network of highly qualified and competent partners across Europe and Asia, with an expertise in China and Taiwan.

Consumer Truth® provides one central point of communication, management and leadership to:

  • Remove the logistical difficulty and complexity (e.g. language barriers) from executing international research
  • Design and manage consistent research methodologies and reporting, to include language translation
  • Engage highly experienced, language-specific moderators – we moderate in English, where relevant
  • Identify both local nuance and global insights
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  • What’s it Like Being 20? - Chapter 2: Challenges and Optimism

    Posted on Jul 08, 2019

    The 2nd of eight installments from an enlightening study of 20-year-olds and their attitudes, behaviors, and feelings about their world and future.

  • The “Being 20” Series: An enlightening study of 20-year-olds and their attitudes, behaviors, and feelings about their world and future

    Posted on Apr 26, 2019

    Twenty years of doing something, living something, striving for something, experiencing something…dreaming something. In 1999, on the precipice of a new millennium, with equal levels of uncertainty and optimism, Consumer Truth® was born to embark on the quest of “Truth Discovery” in order to help our clients grow their businesses through a deeper understanding of their consumers’ needs, emotions and motivations. As we turned 20, we wondered about the mindsets of those who were born at the same time our business was. And it is with this in mind that we sought to discover even more truth among 20-year-olds—young men and women on the precipice of adulthood.

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